What were your initial thoughts and feelings upon seeing a world you had inhabited but never experienced visually?

How was your blindness cured?

Previous to being cured of blindness, what did you experience in dreams?

What were you the most happy to finally see once you were able to see?

Upon being able to see, did you struggle to learn to read at a later age?

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I don't know..there have already been so many blind IAmA's - so really the only interesting questions I can see are the ones concerning the transition...and there aren't many of those

Sorry, I'm just incredibly interested in the immediate response of the transition from blindness to being able to see. I find it fascinating.

Have you ever seen those videos about people who just got cochlear implants, and start hearing things for the first time? They literally feel every emotion possible, as strongly as possible, for like 5 minutes straight. Its beautiful.

What disease or accident did you have that caused your blindness? (relevant, I'm an optometrist)

I'm pretty sure they would be cortically blind, as their visual processing synapses would have been pruned without stimulation early in life... Happy to be proven wrong.

I think the surgery has to be done very early in life while the visual cortex is still developing. If it's left too late I'm pretty sure they will never learn how to see properly. The problem then is that you can't really ask them these questions as it'd be unlikely they'd remember much from when they couldn't see as they'd be so young.

Did people look anything like you thought they would?

Hey, yeah, I was blind but now I see Main thing I noticed was that you made a believer out of me so I guess I'm movin' on up now you know, just gettin' out of the darkness My light shines on, if you get me?